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Gitte Winberg, acting conference manager

Gitte Winberg

Acting conference manager

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Line Poulsen, party planner

Line Poulsen

Party planner

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René Hansen, F&B-manager

René Hansen


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Line Poulsen, Personal assistant

Line Poulsen

Personal assistant

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Bettina Hjorth-Hartmann, Personal Assistant

Bettina Hjorth-Hartmann

Personal Assistant

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CEO Marina Hoffmann

Marina Hoffmann


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Almir Smajic, Facility technician

Almir Smajic

Facility technician

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Thomas Hadkins Petersen, facilities technician

Thomas Hadkins Petersen

Facilities technician

20 81 12 90

M: 20 81 12 90

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Sunisa P. Benneweis, Head of housekeeping

Sunisa P. Benneweis

Head of housekeeping

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Ditte Rolsted Sørensen, receptionist trainee

Ditte Rolsted Sørensen

Receptionist trainee

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Lene Holmlund, Key account manager

Lene Holmlund

Key account manager

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Katrine Lundgreen Brix, Marketing manager

Katrine Lundgreen Brix

Marketing manager

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Dorthe Skousen, receptionist

Dorthe Skousen


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Niels Godsk Jørgensen, Deputy kitchen manager

Niels Godsk Jørgensen

Deputy kitchen manager

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Hans Henrik Nilsson, Kitchen manager

Hans Henrik Nilsson

Kitchen manager

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Alex Andersen, AV-technician

Alex Andersen


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Sasha Eriksen, Accounting staff

Sasha Eriksen

Accounting staff

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Helle Cetti Engstrøm, Accounting staff

Helle Cetti Engstrøm

Accounting staff

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Michael Wax Due, IT-administrator

Michael Wax Due


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Jørn Nørå Nielsen, Landscape gardener

Jørn Nørå Nielsen

Landscape gardener

(+45) 21 90 24 32

M: (+45) 21 90 24 32

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Henning Kjær Hansen, Facility manager

Henning Kjær Hansen

Facility manager

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Yvonne Grønkvist Pedersen, Deputy head of housekeeping

Yvonne Grønkvist Pedersen

Deputy head of housekeeping

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Helle Bonde, Librarian / Webmaster

Helle Bonde

Librarian / Webmaster

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Henrik Petersen, Chief financial officer

Henrik Petersen

Chief financial officer

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Louise Winther Jørgensen, booking coordinator / receptionist

Louise Winther Jørgensen

Booking coordinator / receptionist

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Line Poulsen, receptionist

Line Poulsen


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Helle Lyhnebeck, booking coordinator / sales

Helle Lyhnebeck

Booking coordinator / sales

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Bente Sølvhøj, receptionist

Bente Sølvhøj


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