Konventum is the conscious choice

Konventum participates in the UN Global Compact programme. This means that we have committed ourselves to making a determined effort in relation to Global Compact’s focus areas: human rights, labour rights, the environment and anti-corruption. We believe that this is our social responsibility as a company.

Once every year, we submit a report on our progress within the four focus areas. This is called a Communication on Progress Report, or CoP for short. The report is prepared in Danish. In the CoP, we describe the steps taken in relation to the focus areas as well as our expectations for the coming year. Please contact us, if you would like to learn more.

Education is for everyone

CSR at Konventum - Education
Konventum is a former folk high school for labourers. We still offer inclusive and developmental courses to active professionals from the Danish labour force, teaching subjects related to the Danish model. We believe that this is an essential part of developing society and democracy.

The Danish Model

CSR at Konventum - The Danish Model
We base our work on the Danish Model. This means that working environment, collective agreement coverage and organisation into unions are important values in our daily operations. We support the Danish agreement system and aim to develop the labour market in a responsible manner.
All of our employees are covered by a collective agreement.

Supplier requirements

CSR at Konventum - Supplier requirements
Safeguarding human rights is not just about ourselves. It is also reflected in our choice of suppliers. For that reason, we always screen our suppliers with regard to working conditions and to ensure that they do not operate their business at the expense of human rights. We want to safeguard human rights throughout the entire value chain.

Organised work conditions

CSR at Konventum - Organised working conditions

We support a system of cooperation by encouraging all departments to organise themselves around shop stewards and trade-based societies that further trusting work relations. We are in favour of an equal opportunities labour market, irrespective of age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and ethnicity.
We offer Danish language courses to all of our non-Danish-speaking colleagues.  

Inclusive hiring policies

CSR at Konventum - Inclusive hiring policies

We support an inclusive labour market by hiring people under special employment agreements, apprentices, and interns, both within our administration and our operations. In 2017, we had one employee in a flexible position (flexjob), five trainees and 64 weeks of internship divided between 13 interns. We consider it our social responsibility to help bring as many people as possible into the labour market.

Training & employee welfare

CSR at Konventum - Education & employee welfare
We use annual welfare surveys and healthcare offers to ensure that our employees are happy, both physically and mentally. Our annual performance reviews and a clarification of competences help to ensure that our employees have the opportunity to keep developing on a professional level.

Sustainable buildings

CSR at Konventum - Sustainable buildings
Despite the fact that our buildings are listed, we are continually working to make sure that they are as up-to-date and modern as possible, e.g., with regard to energy consumption. We use apps to constantly monitor our energy consumption. The buildings that house our guest rooms are currently being refurbished with 222 new bathrooms, new windows with double glazing, dual-flush toilets, new water pipes, breaker panels, LED lighting, and insulation of basements. The refurbishment is due to be finished in 2021.

Renewable energy

CSR at Konventum - Renewable energy
Since 1 April 2018, all of Konventum’s energy has come from offshore windmills producing enough green electricity to run our entire operation. The wind that turns the wings around does not leave any carbon footprint and it is 100% renewable. Our facility department is constantly monitoring our energy and water consumption to make sure that we use as few resources and stay as sustainable as possible.

Our food philosophy

CSR at Konventum - Our food philosophy
The best seasonal produce, organic producers, locally sourced delicacies, homemade specialities and an active battle against food waste. Konventum’s food philosophy is also defined by our effort to increase our social responsibility. That is why we try to make your food experience more sustainable every day - we want you to enjoy our delicious food and at the same time feel good about it. That is our food philosophy.

Digital sustainability

CSR at Konventum - Digital sustainability
We would like to inspire both employees and guests to adopt a more sustainable mindset. A stronger focus on digitalisation of materials has brought down our paper consumption considerably. Our conference-app enables our guests to make their materials available digitally, rather than printing them. In our guest rooms, we also encourage our guests to act more sustainably.


CSR at Konventum - Anti-corruption
Konventum supports the Danish anti-corruption law. We have a clearly defined policy regarding gifts to and from partners and suppliers. We do not give or receive gifts in connection with partner agreements, as we believe in a fair system without bribery or blackmail of any kind.

Accounting transparency

CSR at Konventum - Accounting transparency
Konventum is a member of Kooperationen and follows the guidelines for foundation governance. This means that our annual reporting, annual financial statements, and report to the representatives are available on request. At our website, you can find information about all of our board members, their other occupations, and their areas of expertise (in Danish).