Again this year, the Xtracon Chess Open 2020 takes place at Konventum. The dates are July 18-26.

We have a very special offer on accommodation for you - with or without full board during the stay. When you book you'll be asked to choose room with full board or with breakfast only.

We look forward to welcoming you and wish you wonderful days with chess, art and good food in beautiful surroundings.
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Architecture & design

Konventum was built in 1969 and has since received international acclaim for its unique architecture, which with its 20,000 sqm impresses most people. The different levels, charming atriums and unique rooms within the building tells the story about architects with courage as well as idealism and a vision about building something extraordinary.

Art collection

Konventum owns Denmark's largest private art collection with over 1,200 unique modern works of art from the 1950s to the present day. Over 100 artists are represented, amongst others Jorn, Kirkeby, Trampedach, Hornsleth, Heerup and Malinovski – and new artists are being added all the time. The exhibition is open to the general public.

Experience Helsingør

Experience UNESCO world heritage, explore our picturesque town or enjoy the Danish Riviera. Just a short bike ride or brisk walk through the forest from Konventum lies the charming town centre of Helsingør. At the sea front you will be spoiled with cultural choice while the old pedestrian streets offer numerous shops, cafés and restaurants.

Book a weekend or holiday

We offer beautiful rooms including a lavish breakfast buffet in our restaurant overlooking the sea.

Explore Konventum

Konventum has since 1969 enthralled and impressed guests from home and abroad. Here you can reside among world-class Danish design, art and architecture without the restrictions of glass cases and museum attendants. Because we love to share our unique cultural heritage with all our guests. Today Konventum is the most recently listed building in Denmark on account of its architectural and culture-historical value. We look forward to sharing it with you.